Scientists Are Trying to See Our Dreams

“Who can capture dreams? Researchers try, making videos from brain scans and dreamscapes from machine learning.”

Natgeomay2017 computerdreams1

“Do androids, as sci-fi novelist Philip K. Dick asked, really dream of electric sheep? The purpose and meaning of dreams have long been debated. Now scientists are getting closer to deciphering what humans see as they sleep—and how a robot can simulate it.”

Natgeomay2017 computerdreams2

I’ve often debated with my friends whether or not robots are capable of creating art. Is creativity and imagination something we can ever truly replicate in programing? Do you need to be self sufficient and without a programmer’s code to properly dream, or even to invent something new? How dangerous would it be for us if robots could create? Not in the sense that they would destroy us, but perhaps in that we would slowly become obsolete as they became better than us at everything; even making art. Maybe, even, art so complicated we can’t understand it.

I find these scientist’s work interesting for two reasons. First, dreams are so intangible and human that I can’t help but see this as art, not only for it’s ambiguous aesthetics, but also because of the fascinating and ironically cold, mechanical way it was made.

Secondly, it’s interesting to consider just how much digital media affects contemporary art. Where will art go when artists rely on new technology such as virtual reality to make art? Or a process that relies solely on robotics and computers, with very little human input. Can the artist then take credit for the pieces made? Will traditional methods of making art eventually get left behind? Can completely digital works be made to be constantly evolving, in a way traditional art is incapable of?



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