Life Drawing 8/7/17

I’m a little bit out of practise with drawing, but working without looking at the page always produces interesting results I think!


I definitely need to work with layers more in the future, particularly in leaving less of the process to chance. I think I need to be more selective with the positioning and posing of the figures to help create the best compositions.


Being more selective in what areas of the body I choose to include or leave out is also something I could work on. Less is more! I often find myself trying to shove everything in to one piece and overwhelming both myself and the work. I do like this piece though!


Although the drawing itself was full of mistakes, I’m really happy with the paper I worked on for this one. For a couple of weeks I hadn’t had much success with making my own paper; I got things wrong at every step. But I persevered and though they’re not perfect, I finally managed to make my own pages! The texture they make is really exciting and I’m going to try to make bigger sheets to see how I can use them in my work. Maybe even make a sketchbook out of them?…

There’s something very cathartic about taking old sketches you don’t like and scrap paper and turning it all into new pages to lead to something better.


The texture of the paper made very interesting patterns that were too much fun to play around with.





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