Life Drawing 12.7.17

My life drawing today, interestingly, came out inadvertently sexual. I was looking into what effect layering different drawings would have and, though in hindsight it makes sense, I didn’t really expect it to be this way.


I also wanted to vary the types of lines I made, so I used the wrong end of a paintbrush as a drawing tool for these first few. I think it made me consider more where I should start my lines, as where the ink began to run out adds a lot of interest to the piece.



In these first few drawings I also didn’t look at the paper while I was working, to throw perfectionism out of the window.


For this one I used an art straw dipped in ink to make the marks instead. It holds the ink much better while also having a unique shape to make a variety of lines.


And finally, I’m not sure I like this last piece. A classic example of misplacement, too much hair, and three fingered hands.






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