Figure Drawing 27.7.17

Again I wanted to look at how layering two different figure drawings could affect the piece as a whole. Would it help to create a narrative within the work? How would the figures interact and what would that say? How do the marks and overlapping lines lead the eye?


This one I found interesting because of the way the two figures almost meld together due to the poses being similar. I think the curves of the hips and the way the shoulders line up works really well to create an ambiguous sense of movement and form.


Again I was working simply with an art straw and ink to help create an exciting variety of lines.


This is my favourite piece of the day! I think the poses create a great sense of balance and movement. Unconventional poses are definitely interesting to experiment with. Getting the poses to line up in a successful way while still being accurate is quite difficult so I’m happy this one came out well.

After a piece that was so well balanced I wanted to make one that echoed the opposite; one figure clearly more dominant (in the pose or in the piece? How would I create the latter?) than the other, to see what kind of dynamic this would create.


I liked the commanding, confident nature of this pose but I made a mistake with the second. So far I had managed well to keep the scales of the figures correct, however, in this drawing I misjudged and the second figure (the one I had intended to be more submissive) was too large. It did raise the point though that I haven’t really played around with varying scale at all and it might be interesting to do next.


I also realise that so far I have only been working with lines, ignoring both tone and colour, so I intend to explore those further in the future.



References resource

Previous figure drawing work



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