Dorian Vallejo



I absolutely love Vallejo’s technique and way of working, both in his paintings and drawings.


“Our Lives We Share” – oil on panel, 25″x30″


He has clearly spent a long time learning about the characteristics of his paints to be able to layer them so effectively and cleanly; there are no muddy or incorrect colours, and the variety of tones is carefully considered. Often in my own work when I layer paints it produces incredibly unexpected results. Perhaps I could employ some of Vallejo’s subtlety. Clearly the layered colours do not need to be drastically different for the technique to be effective. I also very much admire the precision with which he works.


The+Clarity+of+Thought-Dorian Vallejo
“The Clarity of Thought” – oil on panel, 22″x26″


I absolutely adore the use of collage in this work to create possibilities of a narrative. The overlapping works perfectly to create a sense of interrupted movement and the glimpses of eyes are captivating.  I think cutting up and collaging my own work will be interesting to explore in the future.



Using a variety of media within drawings, as well as paper types, is also not something I experiment with often, and I think I should work towards combining collage and drawing more, as Vallejo does.


It also feels as if there is a mix of chance and precision in his work. Certain marks are strong and less controlled, whereas others (the plants for example) are clearly precise and perfected. Varying marks is also an important technique to consider.


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