Smoke on the Water

  It felt to the solitary school girl, as she dragged her feet across gravel to get herself home last Tuesday, that gravity had gotten a little confused.

  ‘I need to turn everything upside down, put it all back to being the right way up.’ she thought to herself as her black and blue striped tie began to lift and float gently. ‘I must warn people.’ she said out loud, reluctantly, but found there was no one else around. Black, glossy strands of hair began to drift upwards from her head and leaves separated themselves from the branches of trees nearby. The clouds were falling and sinking into old puddles; momentarily they became like smoke on the water. Pebbles were carried on the breeze.

  ‘At this rate I will bump against the sky as I float away.’ she speculated, but she was not alarmed and had continued to walk slowly, just as unimpressed as she had been before she discovered this sudden reversal of the world. She removed her backpack and let it leave when it tried to drag her upwards – or was it downwards now? – and she did nothing at all when her eyelashes removed themselves from her face.

  Thoughts of safety did not cross her mind. She had thought it was a rather interesting event to be a part of.

  She made no effort to correct them when her grey skirt flipped itself and the bottom of her blazer brushed her head. A plant pot ascended. Her feet moved from under her and soon her body was horizontal and airborne; her clothes and hair stood straight and perpendicular, had tried to pull themselves away from her. A bird fell violently. A few moments later it rose again.

  ‘Things are becoming quite complicated.’ she observed, impassively, spoken into a car mirror that was travelling skywards beside her. Half-heartedly she had dangled her arms trying to grasp the floor in some lazy attempt at returning to her previous state of being upright, but she caught an uprooted stop sign instead.

  As the sky met the ground in the middle distance it formed a new, peculiar horizon, of which the school girl became a part. Silently this time, she thanked whatever force had allowed her to become a small part of a larger whole as she fused with the atmosphere. She turned around, up or down or neither, and stretched out an arm, a hand, a soft finger, to touch the stars that were falling on top of her.



Inspired by the writing prompt: Smoke on the water

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